Friday, 4 April 2014

Peronalized Funny Mustache Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitations

Looking for a funny but stylish way to announce your Birthday Celebration Party? Here at Party Peeps we specialize in the whimsical, cheesy and downright corny and we also take great pride in the very trendy Art of Vintage Chalkboards. Our black slate charcoal designs are top shelf and designed to make your customization experience quick and easy. This particular old-fashioned but super hip right now Invitation Card will have them wincing. So whether or not you are a burly macho man with a handlebar moustache or not, you will be making your Birthday announcement with shameless stupidity and feeble style. This is good is it not? Ready to be customized with whatever age and your event details, this funny Retro Vintage Hipster Invite is sure to razor laugh! (Sorry)

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