Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fun Caffeine Loading Coffee Mugs and accessories

What is the best drink in the World? Coffee, right? It keeps us alive and awake and helps us recover from those heavy nights. Without coffee we would probably end up sleeping all the time and that wouldn't be very constructive. We wouldn't have an excuse for going to have sex after a date. Nerds and Geeks drink it from mugs out of necessity and Office Workers carry it around with them in polystyrene cups to look like they mean serious business. Coffee could be considered as a drug. The Columbians export it in vast quantities. We could go on and on about the virtues of Coffee right here, but all we really wanted to was introduce you to our latest "Caffeine Loading..." matching products. 

So whether you want something for yourself to warn others that they should please wait until you are ready before they start to talk to you in the morning or if you are looking for a cute caffeine inspired gift for a fellow coffee lover, we think you will find something here to pay homage to that greatest drink in the World, Coffee...Caffeine Loading...

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