Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Personalized Funny Chalkboard Party Invitations

Having a Party and really want people to come? Send out this desperate but funny message to your Friends and you may be surprised! Here at Party Peeps we love Chalkboards as they are trendy and they give the cheesiest concepts an air of sophistication. This one is perfect for Birthdays or Halloween (Halloween Birthdays?) and ready to be customized by you for whatever occasion to your event specifications.

It's not like you are an unsociable Nerd or Geek and don't get about much or that you don't have a lot of Friends. No, you just really want people to come to your Party because it is going to be the most awesome celebration since Victory Day. So if you can't stand the thought of having your Party celebrations by yourself, send out a polite message to your friends to beseech, implore, appeal to, request, ask earnestly, call on, even pray to...(erm, you get the message) come to your Party!

ANY AGE Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation
ANY AGE Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation by partypeeps
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