Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Eddy Merckx iPad/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ Motorola and Samsung Galaxy cases

You are a super cool Cyclist. You are shifty and you have cadence. You like a Road Bike or a Beater Bike. You are with The Players, devoted road cyclist or Mountain Biker. Perhaps you are a Chaser or a Clydesdale a Spinner, a Pusher or whatever in the World of Cycling. Even Fred and Doris, Squirrels and Turkeys have to be cool in this game. That's why Party Peeps affiliate Cycling Shop Sports Cycling Mania has introduced these very hip Monogram cases and sleeves with Eddy Merckx (you do know who Eddy Merckx is right?) colors ready for you to customize with your initials.

See the full range of  cases and sleeves here... Eddy Merckx Cases and Sleeves Click on Visit Store on that page to check out the rest of the super trendy Cycling gear that Sports Cycling Mania has to offer.

 Eddy Merckx Cases and Sleeves

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