Thursday, 20 February 2014

Funny Man or Mouse T Shirt

Are you a man or are you a mouse? Or do you just like encourage men to be courageous in the face of adversity? Men should be plucky and fearless right? It is a World of the heroic, lionhearted, macho man. Men have to be bold, daring and daredevil to get what they want. They have to be adventurous in spirit and have a death-or-glory attitude if they are going to get anywhere in life.

Determination and a gutsy and ballsy disposition is what gets the girl. So if you want to challenge men everywhere to stand up and be have-a-go valiant heroes then don this funny T Shirt from Party Peeps. Of course, if you are just a mouse then it would look pretty cool on you as well.

Available for His or Hers in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the funniest T Shirts available online from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

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