Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pink Wine Drinking Flamingo Fun Cartoon Customized Gifts & Accessories

Take flight with these fun Custom Wine Loving Flamingo designer goodies with hues of pink, purple, mauve, orange and red against a stunning brightly coloured sunset from Party Peeps! This stunning Flamingo Illustration is by widely recognized and published Cartoonist Simon Lake. The quirky wild bird is now available on a range of products in our Store and ready to brighten up your day.

So whether you are looking for a wine-related product of something for yourself or as a gift for another wine lover, you are sure to find something amongst this range of whimsical wine slurping Flamingo goodies. Ideal for Bachelorette, Hen Party (oops that's a tame bird), Birthday, Christmas or indeed any occasional gift, this boozing bird is bound to delight! 

Some of these Girly (or Gay) Gifts and accessories are ready to be personalised but with some we have left out the customizations as we felt that the alcohol loving lake living Flamingo speaks for itself.

Check out the full range of products by clicking on the Girly hand. If you like our waywardly drunkard feathered friend as much as we do, be sure to bookmark the page and keep an eye out for new products as we will be updating them on a continual basis.

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