Sunday, 13 April 2014

Funny MWAH T Shirt

Are you tired of all that SMS language, textese, txt-speak and chatspeak or whatever it is that they use on Social Networking Sites and Online Media? It does get a bit boring sometimes especially when you can't work out what the person is trying to say and then confusion sets in and misunderstandings occur on the Internet or SMS Phone messages. Plus what you are considered to be un-cool if you don't understand them so you have to google it just so that you carry on with a conversation.

Make a statement with this up to the minute timely T Shirt from Party Peeps and tell them all to kiss your ass! MWAH means kiss BTW for the uninitiated. Or maybe you would like to get this shirt for your one of your Parents or Grandparents (Lol) or anyone that doesn't quite get the context of mobile phone text messaging, Internet communication, emails, instant messaging or any of those modern things these kids do nowadays. Perfect for Birthdays, Christmas or whatever occasion. Hell, if you are Old School enough to appreciate the message this T Shirt is sending out then you have already decided that you want it for yourself!

Funny MWAH T Shirt
Funny MWAH T Shirt by partypeeps
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