Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Funny Husband T Shirt

You love your Wife very much don't you? You like to remember your Anniversary sometimes and even her Birthday. You buy her roses on that other Ballantine's Day thing and take her out for romantic meals to Kentucky and places like that. In fact you like taking her to lots of places. So many in fact, that you really can't recall. There was the Lake, Lover's Leap, The Tunnel of Hate, the Roller Coaster oh and you even took her to the Beauty Parlour but that didn't work.

So if you really like to take your Wife everywhere, why don't you get this funny (well at least we think it is) T Shirt from Party Peeps and make a statement to the World. Wear it with pride when you take your Wife anywhere and if she comes back, think of better places. At least you will still have this T Shirt to prove that you are trying.

Of course if you are a Wife (or indeed a Daughter or a Son or anything) this outrageous T Shirt would make a perfect gift for him on Father's Day, Christmas, Birthday or any occasion really.

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