Sunday, 13 April 2014

Funny Getting Drunk T Shirt

You are a Man or Woman of the World and you like nothing better than a Night on the Town drinking at Bars and Clubs, getting pissed and whatever else comes your way. There's Karaoke, Darts, Pub Quizzes and all sorts of stuff. There's also Dance Competitions. These are difficult when you are sober as you have to build up enough of that good old Dutch Courage to enter them.

That's where drinking copious amounts of alcohol can be good for you. Yes, we know you are not interested in entering any but what if you just accidentally happened to win? There could be a bottle of Wine or even Champagne in it for you. So go out and get drunk and have a good time and who knows what could happen?

Available for His or Hers in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the side-splitting hilarious tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

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