Sunday, 13 April 2014

Funny Boys T Shirt

All Boys are the same let's face it. They only want one thing. And that is to look good in funny T Shirts that are going to pull the Chicks. For Women, picking up Guys is a whole different thing. Some tend to go for the shy retiring type whilst others like loud and obnoxious bad boys. So it's hard to try and be whatever it is that Women look for.

Of course you could always just be yourself and see if that works but here at Party Peeps we don't hold much faith in this strategy. After all, we are all the same right? So what are the odds of any of us getting lucky with Women if we are all the same? Hell, why not just get this amusing T Shirt and see if it will help you in your your quest to chase Women.

Available for His or Hers in a wide range of colors and styles. See the rest of the side-splitting hilarious tees from Party Peeps here...Funny T Shirts 

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