Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Chalkboard Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas jumpers or Christmas themed sweaters have gone way beyond a gift that your Granny inevitably knitted for you in the old days for a Christmas present and to be hidden from view at all costs. They are so popular nowadays that high-street and designer brands produce them and people are not embarrassed to wear them anymore. In fact they have become quite camp and are worn by a big list of celebrities.

Now as you know, we have parties where guests have to wear the most ugly Xmas holiday sweater they can. Mostly they feature Santa, snowflakes, tacky reindeer and generally common Christmas icons. The idea of these Christmas Parties is to be seen in the most unimaginably horrendous Christmas jumper possible and possibly win a prize of a bottle of Wine or something.

Party Peeps has launched this fun and fashionable Chalkboard/ Retro style Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitation just in time for this Christmas for you to customize to your event specifications. Not just that, we have also come up with the neatest and most innovative idea around for you to present to the winner of your your event instead of a boring old bottle of Wine. The Winner of your Ugliest Sweater Christmas Party can walk (or crawl) home with this prestigious Award and have a momento of the event to keep pride of place in their er...attic maybe? Under the bed?

Ugly Sweater Party Winner Customizable Award
Ugly Sweater Party Winner Customizable Award by partypeeps
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