Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Caravan Retro Suite (Art By Trina Esquivelzeta)

Hey all you Caravanners! Retro is back and it's here to stay. There's a brand new exquisite line of Personalized Vintage Retro Camper Van accessories in our online Shop. 25 quaint little Retro Campavans designed by Trina Esquivelzeta are emblazoned on these goodies ready to be customized with your Family name so start collecting today!

You love your Caravan and you love Caravanning Holidays. For most Caravan Lovers, it is your home from home and Party Peeps has launched these caravanner camping goodies for you to make it just as personal. "Chez" as you well know is French for "at the home of" so all you have to do is edit the existing name text with yours. These colorful caravans on fun and practical accessories are so cool that you will be the envy of any Campsite!

For each of these products there are 25 of the darling little Retro Caravan/ Campavans to choose from so you can either have all matching stuff to adorn your homely caravan (it will be now) or you can have a different one on each product. Either way, they will be personalized and exclusive to you!

All you have to do is edit the existing Text fields with your own family name and presto! With some of the goodies like Ornaments/ Coasters/ Plates etc you can be more adventurous and make the backgrounds and Text match your existing color scheme if you like. So unleash your creativity! Don't be fooled by the flowery patterns on some of these cute little Camper Vans if you are looking to cater for Him. Some of them are just downright neutral we think.

The entire range of super-hip Retro Caravan Accessories can be found right here...***A CARAVAN RETRO SET***

*Here are examples of the Caravan Stickers, Magnets, Ornaments, Aprons, Coasters, Badges, Mugs (including Frosted Beer Glasses), Jumbo Mugs, Tea Pots & Pitchers,  Key Chains, Bumper Stickers, Trucker Hats, Canvas bags and T shirts...

3. Buttons

8. Magnets

9. Mugs (Yes, Beer Glasses too!)

10. Ornaments

11. Tea Pots (Okay now these are allowed to be a bit Girly?)

12. Pitchers

13. Plates

14. Stickers

15. T Shirts

17. Ze Other Stuff (*Including Cutting Boards, Kitchen Towels, Dry Erase Boards,  Binders, Organizers, Calendars, Wrislets, Pillows, Postcards, Speakers, Wall Clocks, Notebooks, Lamps, Plates, Wrapped canvas & Posters and Wrapping Paper)

So if you are getting any of these adorable Retro Caravan Products as a gift, wouldn't it be a classy touch to wrap them up in suitable wrapping paper?

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